Neil McIvor - Parlour Games

Neil McIvor is a Scottish artist living in Aberdeen

I studied at Grays School of Art in the early 90’s, during this time I was mostly interested in abstract painting; Kandinsky, De Kooning, Jasper Johns and Pollock but I always had an interest in older ideas from earlier times, artists like Leonardo, Raphael and Rembrandt.

I quite deliberately keep some of these older traditions lurking in my own paintings, I like drawing, form and volume, grids and structures – this does not mean however that my work is nostalgic or cosy.

Using an improvised, collage based approach to create modern contemporary oil paintings and paper works, the result is often challenging in subject. It uses newspapers, photographs and other media to generate ideas and compositions but remains rooted in traditions of fine art with a focus on painting and drawing.

Drawing is always an important element which gives the artwork a strong foundation from which the viewer is free to complete the narrative, build their own connections and relationships from the sometimes jarring and often ambiguous subject matter.

See the artwork here.